Lake Superior Day 2023: Best Lakes to Visit in the United Kingdom

It’s almost time for the annual celebration of Lake Superior Day 2023. This year Lake Superior Day takes place on the 16th of July, marking the third Sunday of the month. Although Lake Superior Day is traditionally an American and Canadian holiday, we celebrate Lake Super Day globally to show our appreciation for everything that the natural wonders of the world provide us with. Lake Superior is one of the largest lakes in the world. In actual fact, Lake Superior is almost the same size as the United Kingdom. Imagine fitting the entire city of London in a lake and having room left over for the rest of the UK.

Here at Olang UK, we love adventure and getting outside and hiking in the great outdoors. The UK has plenty of amazing acres for exploring and there is nothing better than adding a lake into a great outdoor adventure.

What is Lake Superior Day?

Lake Superior Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of July every year. This year, the third Sunday of July falls on the 16th. Lake Superior Day is a chance to celebrate the glory of the lake and everything that makes it wonderful – which is a lot!

From its rich history to its incredible size, Lake Superior has an amazing story to tell. Here are some fun facts about Lake Superior.

  1. Lake Superior is about 1.2 billion years old – chances are a dinosaur swam in those very same waters!
  2. Lake Superior provides a home in its waters to over 80 different species of fish.
  3. Lake Superior has the greatest surface area in the world - 31,700 square miles, to be exact.

Celebrating Lake Superior Day in the UK

For all of us based in the UK, it’s a little difficult to take a trip to Lake Superior with a twenty-hour flight being our only transport. The good news is that the UK is full of beautiful lakes to visit that don’t require a plane journey.

Here are our top spots to visit!

Rydal Water, Cumbria, Lake District

The Lake District is home to 16 lakes, one of those being Rydal Water. Rydal is one of the smallest lakes in the Lake District, but it is also known for its significance to Wordsworth, an English poet famous for his introduction to romantic literature.

Kielder Water, Northumberland

Kielder Water, although artificial, is a beautiful lake to take a stroll along. Kielder is situated around picturesque pine tree forests and cosy lodges, creating a truly magical lake experience. Kielder is also the greatest of all man-made lakes in the UK.

Stanwick Lake, Northamptonshire

Heading to Northamptonshire, Stanwick Lake is home to history and wildlife. Up until 2004, Stanwick Lake was previously a gravel quarry. Today Stanwick Lake is a glorious wetland providing sanctuary for wildlife.

The Loe, Cornwall

Known for its fishhook shape, The Loe is a gorgeous natural lake found in the south of Cornwall. The Loe is found to be the largest natural lake in Cornwall.

Lake Vyrnwy, Powys

Heading all the way to the valleys of Wales, Lake Vyrnwy is a historic artificial lake in Powys. Lake Vyrnwy is over 100 years old and currently an RSPB nature reserve – if you are lucky, you might spot some rare birds.

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