Keep Your Footing This Winter With OC System Ice Grips



The winter weather has made getting just about anywhere around town more difficult than ever as we trudge through the deep snow and icy walkways. As we walk along, we know full well that at any moment we could slip and fall, completely derailing our day and possibly ending up in the intensive care unit of our local hospital.

Warmth, Water Resistance, Style, And Safety

As beautiful as the snow and ice is to look at, it can be incredibly dangerous, and we need to be cautious any time we are out and about this winter. We need to layer our clothing to stay warm and wear boots that offer a combination of comfort, style, and grip. And while style and comfort are important, let’s focus on grip. Most winter boots have a chunky sole that provides us with the grip we need to navigate even the snowiest of walkways. But when the ice gets worse, we need something that can give us the sure footed, non-slip traction we need.

OC System Ice Grips

This is where the OC System Ice Grips come in. The innovative OC System ice grips were designed to provide increased grip which enables you to walk safely and confidently on even the iciest of surfaces. Integrated into the soles of your boots, the OC System Ice Grips’ retractable ice grip features stainless steel studs set within a framework of flexible polyurethane. This means that no matter how cold it becomes outside the grips will remain durable and strong. The OC System Ice Grips is hassle-free and includes a handy key which enables the wearer to flip the ice grips quickly and easily in or out.

Winter Boots From Olang

The OC System is incorporated into many Olang boot styles, from our Ziller OC Tex, Nora Tex OC, and our Lappone OC, to our Grace Tex OC, and more. Designed with your needs in mind, every pair of our luxury winter boots with the OC System have been constructed of high quality materials and an exclusive contoured sole to ensure excellent grip and stability. Whatever style you choose, a pair of winter boots from Olang will ensure your comfort, warmth, style, and of course, safety.

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