Facts About Olang Boots and How Durable They Are for All Weather Conditions

Want to know what makes our boots so different? We pride ourselves in creating a beautiful range of footwear to be worn in a winter wonderland, keeping your feet warm and not compromising on comfort, function or design.

Here’s why Olang boots are different and the perfect choice for your feet!

Vintage Oil Tanned Leather

Many of our boots are created using vintage oil tanned leather to create their unique and luxurious finish. Oil tanned leather is used to leave boots looking natural while still highlighting that distinct look. The process of using oil tanned leather also makes boots extremely durable. The best part is that oil tanned leather is also stain resistant, so your boots will look good as new after every wear. Our CALGARY OC boots are one of our most popular vintage oil tanned leather boots for women and the MONTREAL boot for men.

Isowarm Innersole

Think of Isowarm innersoles as an insulated memory foam mattress for your feet. You really will feel like you are walking on warm fluffy clouds. If you are planning on venturing out into the snow or high altitude, Isowarm innersoles will be your best friend. Isowarm innersoles soles are designed to protect your feet against low temperatures by providing strong insulation. Isowarm innersoles are super comfortable, and the anatomic features of the soles provide added support for your feet. Many of our boots include the removable Isowarm innersole.

Breathable Shearling

We all want our feet to stay warm, but a problem we often may face is our feet feeling a little sweaty. Walking up a mountain warms our body and usually, our feet can become stuffy inside our shoes. Unfortunately the wrong socks and the wrong shoes can lead to perspiring feet which then quickly cool resulting in cold feet. Breathable shearling helps to keep our feet warm while allowing the perspiration to escape. Breathable shearling creates the perfect balance between warmth and breathability. Our luxurious MAKA boots feature breathable shearling to keep your feet lovely and cosy as well as looking good.

TPU for Increased Heel Stability

Many of our shoes feature TPU for increased heel stability. TPU soles are designed to provide your feet with flexibility. The thermoplastic polyurethane used to create TPU soles allows shoes to move with your feet. This means that walking on uneven or bumpy terrain becomes easier and your shoes will mould to follow the pattern of your feet, creating a comfortable and durable shoe. Our GRILLO BTX feature TPU soles to enhance performance through its adaptability.

OC Anti-slip System

We incorporate the patented OC anti-slip system into many of our boots to help increase grip on icy and snowy surfaces. Stainless steel studs are embedded into the boots and can be rotated to the on position when the terrain or conditions start to get slippery. The OC anti-slip sole system can withstand freezing temperatures and hard terrain. OC anti-slip systems are used to create a boot that helps you to stay on your feet even when you find yourself trekking on ice. Many of our boots offer the OC anti-slip system which are designed to keep you warm while keeping you steady on your feet.

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