Autumn Camping: What Footwear do you take?

Autumn is finally here and with Autumn comes the colder weather. For all of our happy campers, that means taking a few more supplies to keep warm as the colder weather creeps in. By that, we mean having the appropriate footwear, which might not always be a pair of hiking boots.

No matter where you are hiking, it’s important to have the proper footwear, not just to protect your feet and prevent injury, but to have an enjoyable hike. Any camping trip will likely involve a little bit of hiking, whether you are travelling on foot to your destination or you are planning to go for a hike around where you are camping.

If you’re planning a camping trip, you need the right footwear. We’re breaking down all of the essentials you need to keep your feet warm and cosy this Autumn.


The Gottardo Tex is a classic for any outdoor adventure, the perfect boot for almost any outdoor experience you embark on. If you are looking for something lightweight and comfortable, this is the perfect boot. The Gottardo Tex features a water-resistant membrane that helps prevent leaks in your boot. However, it’s not completely waterproof – don't jump in puddles. The Gottardo Tex also features a shock-absorbing microporous insert in the heel, perfect for jumping (just not in puddles). You can’t go wrong with a classic outdoor boot, walking on paths, hills and mountains in comfort.

Extreme Grip - PEGASO TEX OC

If you are looking for something with extra grip, the Pegaso Tex OC is the boot for you. The Pegaso Tex OC is the perfect boot for any terrain, making for a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable hike. Any camping trip requires comfortable footwear and the Pegaso Tex OC are just that. The Pegaso Tex OC features a removable Isowarm insole, making it perfect for both Autumn and Winter. The Isowarm insole provides warmth and comfort during even the coldest of winters, with an anti-slip system to take you through the snow with ease.

Warm and Cosy – AGATA

Autumn is all about being warm and cosy, as the weather gets colder, the comfy sweaters come out. We love this season, and although the colder weather might put some off camping, our camping spirit is still strong. When you’ve got the right boot, the colder weather is no longer an obstacle. The Agata is the definition of cosy, with breathable shearling to keep your feet snug as a bug, you can’t go wrong. The Agata even features a turn-down cuff, making this the perfect boot over the coming months. Autumn weather is often unpredictable, one minute you are freezing, and the next you are sweating. The good news is that the Agata can cater to both, making them the Autumn boot of dreams.

When Boots Aren’t Always the Answer - GRILLO BTX

As we said, boots aren’t always the answer. Luckily, we have the answer for just that – the Grillo BTX. The Grillo BTX is your ideal combination of hiking boots and trainers. Breathable, waterproof and with memory foam sole, your feet will be in constant comfort. That’s what you get with the Grillo BTX. This might be the perfect shoe for a camping trip, you’ve got casual leisure, while still being hike-ready.

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